Think before you slap.

The BRUT brand has been the classic American definition of masculinity for over 40 years. Given that heritage, the slapper’s code is something we take very seriously. Probably because our lawyers tell us we have to. (Whether it’s ok to slap a lawyer is debatable. After all, they are very litigious. Duh.) It’s pretty obvious who needs to be slapped, so we’re going to tell who you shouldn’t slap. Basically, it goes something like this: Osama Bin Laden “YES” Mother Theresa “NO”. OK, that’s a pretty wide berth. Let’s expand on that a little. Slap rules follow the basic tenets of common sense. Or, as Leon says in “The Professional”: no women, no children. (Justin Bieber happens to be neither.) No dogs, cats or goldfish either. Let’s add all pets to that mix. Don’t slap anyone who is weaker than you. Don’t slap anyone who has suffered a recent tragedy. Don’t slap anyone who is down. Don’t slap someone who could instantly turn you into a greasy spot on the sidewalk. Don’t slap anyone who is “differently abled” or “differently labeled”. (Do we really have to tell you that?) Don’t slap someone who is having a heart attack. Don’t slap your mother. Don’t slap your mother’s mother. Don’t slap anyone who has just spent 30 days in a mine in Chile. Don’t slap anyone who is in rehab. Don’t slap your boss (unless you want a new one). It’s really this simple: slapping someone should be the most obvious thing that you need to do. It should almost be a natural reaction. If you hesitate, if you are in some gray area, if you’re not sure if you should slap, then by all means DO NOT SLAP. And for those of you who are still in a dark area: The BRUTSlap campaign is meant for entertainment purposes only. BRUT does not advocate violence in any form and is not intending that people should ever be slapped in real life. Even if you think they deserve it.